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39th Year Serving the Community with Quality Dance Instruction. 

Jon Fowler

Jon Fowler

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Friday, October 15 2010 14:47

Class Styles Available


Dance Instruction


Ballet is a formalized kind of performance dance. It is a highly technical form of dance with it's own vocabulary. It is a poised style of dance that incorporates the foundational technique for many other dance forms. This type of dancing is very hard to achieve and takes much practice to master.



Contemporary dance is a form of dance influenced by both classical ballet and modern dance. It permits a greater range of movement that may not adhere to the strict body lines set forth by ballet technique. Many of its concepts come from modern dance, including floor work and turning in of the legs.



Hip-Hop, or Street Dance is a class that incorporates both jazz class technique with the excitement of street and club dance moves most commonly used in music videos.


Basic jazz technique is designed to strengthen as well as promote flexibility. Progressions and turns will also be incorporated into the class.


Liturgical Dance combines the technical elements of jazz along with the beauty and style of ballet to perform this story-telling style of dance.


Lyrical dance is a dance style that combines elements of ballet, modern and jazz technique. It is commonly set to popular music with vocals. The words to the song are used to inspire certain movements or show of expression.



Basic tap technique is taught at all levels. The higher levels will also learn rhythmic tapping and the "hoofer style" of tap dance.


Basic floor tumbling classes for Beginner through Advanced Level students.

Pom Pon

Basic pom pon technique incorporating jazz technique and progressions.

Pre-Pointe/Pre-Teen Technique

This class is specifically designed for students ages 8 to 12 who are interested in working toward pointe shoes. This class is required before the student will be allowed to wear pointe shoes. Pointe shoes will not be given to any student under age 11. Emphasis is on ballet theory and muscle building.


Music Instruction



You will learn acoustic or electric, chords,scales, picking and strumming techniques from classical and folk to rock and metal, as well as theory and reading music notation / tablature.



You will learn fundamental technique, chords and scales, music reading and theory, as well as a wide repertoire of solo pieces.·



You will learn to sing with your diaphragm instead of your throat, voice exercises, how to protect your voice and throat nodes, sing loud and project your voice, eliminate a nasal sound, support each note you sing with enough breath, internalize the feel of a song, improve singing with vibrato, learn to control vibrato depth and loose your fears and learn how to sing with confidence.

Friday, October 15 2010 13:30

Proper Dance Floor


The Dancenter·is one of the few privately owned Performing Arts Studios to use professionally built·"True Floating"floors.·


Why are·"True Floating”··dance floors important?


True Floating·dance floors have the right amount of “give” to them. Dancing on concrete or even wood joists laid directly on concrete results in the body absorbing the energy of that impact. A·true floating·dance floor means that every point on the dance surface is separated from the sub-floor by air. T.

Hard floors can create many physical problems because they don't allow "give" when the student athlete lands on the floor from a leap, jump or simply walking on the floor. A properly·floating·floor absorbs energy, preventing overuse injuries. The added protection from the·true floating·floor provides consistency and cushioning for the dancer.


The impact force with which the foot strikes the ground will rebound off the surface and vibrate up through the body as an energy shockwave. This shockwave affects muscles, tendons and leads to joint trauma at the ankle, knee, hip, and lower back. According to Sports Medicine experts, the body feels three times its weight in pressure with each foot-fall while running and up to seven times its weight when it jumps. Jumping on a non-floating floor can result in shin splints, sprains or worse.


You will find most studios skip this important step as these floors are very expensive to install.


So before you sign up for classes at any dance studio, ask if they have·true floating·floors and actually walk and jump on them. The Dancenter encourages parents (of our students or other schools) to come by the dancenter to feel what a propper dance floor feels like so you can encourage your studio to install true-floating floors. Our goal in this offer is not to take students away from other studios but rather to encourage other studios to take the time and money to protect as many dance athletes as possible with the proper dance floors.

Also, we don't install or sell floating dance floors but we can pass on the names of professionals that can build the proper dance floor for your studio. 

Friday, October 15 2010 13:20

Class Types and Levels

Our classes are based on age, level of capability and type of class (Competitive and non-competive).


Types of Dance Classes


Non-Competition classes learn the same styles and technique as Competition Classes but do not participate in competitions. Non-Competition classes do perform in the annual Recital.


Competition Classes

Competition classes require ...


Levels of Dance based on Age and Capability

Little Angles

Little Angles classes are for children ages 18 Months to 3 years old and learn both Ballet and Tap during the same class period.



Pre-School classes are for children·ages 3 to 5·years old. Students will learn two disciplines, either Ballet and Tap or Ballet and Hip Hop, during the same class period.



Beginning classes are for children 5 to 7 years old. Students will learn two disciplines, Ballet and Tap, Tap and Jazz, Pom and Jazz, or Hip Hop, during the same class period. Instructors begin to emphasize learning more dance technique.



Intermediate classes are for children ages 8 to 13. Each class period will consist of one discipline. Teachers will continue to focus on learning technique and will introduce the dance language and theory. Classes include Ballet, Contemporary, Fitness, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pom & Tap



Advanced classes are for students ages 12 and older with previous dance experience. Each class period will consist of one discipline. Teachers will focus on learning technique and theory. Classes include Ballet, Contemporary, Fitness, Hip Hop, Jazz & Tap.


Competition Mini

For children ages 4 to 6. Students will learn two disciplines in each class period and prepare one routine for dance competition.


Competition Advanced Junior

For children ages 6 to 9. Students will meet twice per week, focus on learning four disciplines and prepare two routines for dance competition.


Competition Pre Teen

For children ages 10 to 13. Each class session will focus on one style of dance and prepare a routine in that style for dance competition. Classes may be taken by permission only.


Competition Teen

For advanced students ages 13 to 16. Each class session will focus on one style of dance and prepare a routine in that style for dance competition. Classes may be taken by permission only.


Competition Senior

For advanced students ages 15 to Adult. Each class session will focus on one style of dance and prepare a routine in that style for dance competition. Classes may be taken by permission only.



Adult Classes

Ballroom and Social Dance

This class is for Adults 18+.  Each month we will cover the first five(5) patterns from one(1) dance, either Standard, Latin, or Regional, building week by week, until completion of beginners curiculum in each dance.  Any member that is interested in going beyond the group is welcome, and encouraged, to take a private session.

Friday, October 15 2010 12:55

Our Philosophy

Dance develops individuals physically, artistically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. Dance students join an artistic family where they develop enduring friendships and nurture a passion for the arts. While having fun, dance students gain many benefits:



  • Balance & Coordination

  • Structured physical activity

  • Correct posture & alignment

  • Strength & Flexibility

  • Athleticism & Kinesthetic awareness


  • Critical thinking skills

  • Problem solving

  • Time management

  • Concentration and Focus

  • Self-Discipline


  • Self expression

  • Creativity

  • Communication

  • Aesthetic awareness


  • Camaraderie

  • Responsibility

  • Respect for others

  • Teamwork

  • Tolerance


  • Confidence

  • Commitment

  • Determination

  • Self-respect

  • Joy & Excitement

  • Our Vision









Friday, October 15 2010 12:13

Our Faculty

Artisitic Director

Lori Treadway Director of The Dancenter


Lori Hays Elder is a nationally recognized award winning choreographer and instructor. She has been teaching since 1982 and was certified by the Cecchetti Council of America on the professional level at the age of 15. Her studies include classical ballet techniques Bournonville and Cecchetti, as well as the jazz and contemporary techniques of Giordano and Horton. She has received scholarships from Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma Summer Arts, The Cecchetti Council of America, The Pulse, Showstoppers. Her students have been awarded scholarships to the Pulse, Monster's of Hip Hop, Co. Dance, LA Dance Magic, New York on the Road, LA Underground, Tremaine, Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute, Walnut Hill High School of Performing Arts in Boston, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet in Canada, Ballet Oklahoma, Texas Women's University, Millenium Dance in Los Angeles and Broadway Dance Center in New York City. She has coached her Pom Pon groups to six National Championships as well as groups in lyrical, ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and musical theater. Lori has been the director of the Dancenter for 29 years. Lori's students have performed for numerous local events as well as events in Branson, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach, New York City, St. Louis and Tulsa.


Business Manager

Phyllis Fowler Business Manager



Phyllis Fowler has been involved in dance for 38 years. She has worked in Business Management in the fields of medicine and software developement for 29 years and has been working in the dance world for 31 years.






Assistant Director

Alicia Shive


Alicia Shive has danced since the age of 4. She is a former Dancenter student and·competitor. She attended Texas Women's University, and performed with Ballet Oklahoma and the Denton Civic Ballet. At the age of 13 she performed in Balloon Boy as the lead which was originated for her at the Walnut Hill High School of Performing Arts in Boston. She was accepted to the Royal Winnipeg Ballet at the age of 16 years.









Jacob Hays began his dance career at The Dancenter 15 years ago. He has   studied and competed in multiple styles of dance. Ronnie has been awarded scholarships from The Pulse, Monsters of Hip Hop, LA Dance Magic, Showstopper,   Oklahoma City University and Broadway Dance Center..J-Rob has studied with Mia Michaels, Tyce Diorio, Brian Friedman, NappyTabs, LaurieAnn Gibson and Marty   Kudulka.  He has also done intensive studies with Robert Hoffman (Step Up 2), Dave Scott (Step Up) and broadway's Andy Blankenbuehler (In the Heights) and is a former Pulse Protege.









Cristhian Guzman is a former Honeybee, Red Dawg Cheerleader and Thunder Girl. Her dynamic and hard-hitting choreography can be seen in both the competitive dance world and commercially. She currently choreographs for numerous high school and college dance teams, as well as for Coyote Ugly and other commercial industry giants. Her choreography has won numerous awards, most notably her hip hop choreography with Nathan Hales High School in Tulsa. Cristhian also coached the Stinger, the NBA Hornets Junior Dance Team. We are so very please to have her joining us as a full-time instructor this season!







Miranda Hales also began her dance career at The Dancenter. She has studied a number of types of dance and performed in a great number of award winning routines.Miranda has studied the Cecchetti Method of Classical ballet. She is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and specializes in students ages 18 months to age 6. She is the mother of two adorable little boys and resides in Midwest City with her husband Chris.








DannellDannell Ross was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where she has danced for 32 years.   She has studied many different genres of dance, includingTap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Hawiian, Latin, Hip-hop, and Pom.  In her twenty one year competitive dance career, Ross has earned six overall  titles as a soloist and numerous regional and national team championships with organizations such as Dance Masters of America and Dancer Educators of America.  Earning these titles has provided her with the opportunity to represent Oklahoma in national title competitions and conventions and study with world reknown artists. After dancing professionally in Branson, MO, Ross was awarded a dance scholarship at the University of Central Oklahoma , where she was a member of the Kaleidoscope Dance Company.  in 2003, Ross expanded her dance career to include  teaching group fitness classes, and eventually becoming a  professional Figure and Fitness competitor and judge. She has been a dance instructor  for over 20 years, teaching  a wide variety of dance genres to ages two through adult, as well as coaching competitive high school pom squads.   Ross was the Owner, Creative Director, and Choreographer for  her own dance studio in NW OKC for six years, and has been a judge for  regional and national dance compeitions for many years.  Judging has given her the priviledge to watch, critique, and celebrate incredibly  talented dancers from all over the United States, who share her passion for the art of dance. Dannell  has had a life-long love for dance, which has become a true passion for teaching dance recreationally, and training competitive dancers.   She is now sharing that gift of dance with her daughter, who she is blessed to have the opportunity to teach as one of her students. Dannell will be coaching our Mini Team and Baby Hip Hop.


michelleMichelle Rambo has bachelor’s degrees in Fine Arts in Dance Performance from the University of Central Oklahoma and Kinesiology from East Central University (ECU). She became the first recipient of the ECU Dance Scholarship, where, for two years, she was captain for the Collage Dance Ensemble. She became the Artistic Director for ECU dance minor program. She has performed in the National Dance Association’s Gala Performance in Baltimore, Maryland and Wichita, Kansas. She has performed in the Oklahoma Centennial Parade and Neiman’s Children Christmas Parade. Michelle has had the privilege to teach alongside some of the best: Keith Clifton, Jackie Sleight, Rhonda Miller, Huggy Ford and Lauren Gaul, just to name a few. Michelle has been fortunate to choreograph for the well-known professional Race Dance Company located in Oklahoma City, OK. She has choreographed national hip hop pom routines for McLennan Community College and University of Oklahoma (OU).  She recently taught at the Soul De Soul dance convention as a guest artist in Oklahoma City, OK. She has taught at the American College Dance Association at Southeast Missouri State University and Anderson Indiana University. Michelle is currently focusing on being a dance competition judge and starting her new dance faculty position in the Musical theatre department for the University of Oklahoma (OU).





 Kylee Shive has danced at The Dancenter for the past 16 years. Her studies include ballet, contemporary, hip hop, jazz, musical theater, pointe and  tap. She has been a studio assitant for six years and is in her second year of student teaching. She is a competitive dancer and is planning a career in  dance. She has won scholarships to The Pulse and Hollywood Dance Connection.









Jessica Phelps has 8 years of cheer and pom experience. She attended the University of Kentucky and has a BA in English.She is an exercise enthusiast, having run in multiple races including several half marathons and one ful marathon. Weightlifting has become her new passion, and she is currently working towards personal training certification.







17353100_1615326568494632_399867449954671671_nSarah Wilson will be joining us this season as our Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling Instructor. Sarah is a student at the University of Oklahoma and is a gymnastics instructor at Bart Conner Gymnastics Academy where she is a former competitor. 






Donavan Calvert


Donavan Calvert is currently a music teacher with Mid-Del Schools. He brings to us piano and guitar instruction.









Student Instructors

AvaAva Conceicao is a student at Carl Albert High School where she is a member of the Pom Squad and is active in Leadership, Rotary Club, Student Council, Key Club, ECO and has performed there in a number of musicals. She has danced for over 12 years and is in her second year of teaching hip hop. She has been awarded scholarships from Hollywood Connection, Creative Connect and ASH Dance Conventions. 








jazJazmine Jones attends Westmoore High School and is active on Student Council Class Council, Link Crew, Spanish Club, and the Multicultural Club. She has been dancing for 10 years and has studied ballet, contemporary, hip hop and jazz. She will be teaching beginning hip hop classes. Jazmine is known for beinga powerful hip hop performer and instructor.







SamiMasamai Carpenter is a passionate dancer and is planning to be a professional dancer. She has studied multiple styles of dance for oer 12 years and has performed in a number of award winning routines. She has performed at Thunder Games and the Bricktown Ballpark, as well as being in several flash mobs and non-profit performances. She was a studio assistant for the past three years.







coming-soon-1898936_960_720Jack Breault - bio coming soon!





Guest Instructors



Sunshine Dukes has been with the Dancenter from it's beginning. She returned to teach 3 years ago. Sunshine's specialty is Tap, but she is trained and well versed in ballet, jazz, hip hop and lyrical. Sunshine has over 20 years of teaching expereince to bring to her students and classes. Sunshine teaches ballroom dance and is currently employed with the Oklahoma CIty Public School system. 







Austin Nieves began his dance career at the Dancenter.. Although he is an all around dancer his true love is Hip Hop. He holds numerous·overall·wins in his style of dance. He was accepted to the intensive program in New York City with The Pulse Convention Tours where he studied with Step Up choreographer Dave Scott and Newsie's choreographer Ricky Hinds. Austin teaches all levels of Hip Hop and jazz. His choreography has been seen on the local stages, as well as stages in Denver, Los Angeles and New York City. He is a member of the Race Dance Company & Men of Race and is a recent graduate of the University of Central Oklahoma. He serves as the Director of the Men of RACE Dance Company.





Kristen Privette began her dance training and career at The Dancenter as a young child. She has studied all forms of dance and was an avid competitor, winning numerous regional and national titles while at The Dancenter. Kristen later attended the University of Oklahoma where she was a member of the Pom/Dance Team and served as Co-Captain her Senior year. She recently graduated with honors and is teaching classes geared to assist students and prepare them for try-outs and auditions.







Zachary Treadway has been a student at The Dancenter since age 2 and has studied ballet, contemporary and hip hop. He has also been a competitive gymnast for over 12 years with Bart Conner Gymnastic Academy. He is currently a competitive gymnast at the Univeristy of Illinois Champaign-Urbana under coach and former Olympic Medalist Justin Spring. He finished last season with three Gold and 2 Silver Medals at the Junior Olympic Championships in Battle Creek, Michigan.








Amanda Wilkinson has studied dance since the age of 6 at the Dancenter and was an avid dance competitor for 18 years. Amanda participated in numberous national award winning numbers and was named Talent Winner in the Miss Del City Jr. Pageant. She has been teaching at the Dancenter for 10 years and is currently the Assistant Director. Amanda's dancers have won numerous local, regional and national awards. She is currently an elementary school teacher in the Choctaw-Nicoma Park School District.








Alyzabeth Barbalace has danced competitively for a number of years ans is an avid tap dancer. She has danced in New York, New Jersey and Hawaii. Alyzabeth is currently a nursing student at the University of Oklahoma.




Friday, October 15 2010 12:05

Our Facility

The Dancenter is conveniently located West of Interstate 35 just South of 12th street in Moore, Oklahoma. For a map and directions please visit the Contact Us page on the website.

We have 6 studios for dance, cheer, tumbling, Zumba fitness, music and voice lessons. Each studio is displayed on big screen monitors in the lobby so parents can watch each and every class if desired. Our largest studio is 2,000 square feet providing plenty of room to practice large production numbers as well as giving the little ones the feel of the big stage when practicing for annual recitals.

Our studios are equipped with raised true floating floors for the dancers safety as dancing on solid wood and concrete floors can damage joints, muscles and ligaments. For more information about proper floating dance floors please visit the page "Proper Dance Floors" on our website. This is one of the most overlooked items when searching for the proper dance facility and is so important for our children's safety.

We built our facility with safety and security in mind.

We have a large lobby, separate Internet access room and a cafe all of which seats up-to 60 adults comfortably. We provide free Internet access for those that want or need access for work or homework or just to update your facebook while waiting for your performing artist.

We operate a clean professional facility and welcome all to come and experiance the wonderful and exciting world of Performing Arts at The Dancenter. 


Friday, October 15 2010 00:18

Welcome to The Dancenter

Thank you for your interest in The Dancenter, Oklahoma's premiere Performing Arts education facility! Many studies have been done in the past two decades regarding the importance of the arts and creativity in the development of children. The Performing Arts are responsible for:

  • Encouraging creativity

  • Increasing fine motor skill function

  • Encouraging self-expression

Performing Arts learning also improves motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork.·The Dancenter has been enriching children with these trates for more than three decades and welcomes you to visit our studios during business hours to see for yourself the professional and festive atmosphere of our instructive classes and first-class facility.

Once you have visited you'll understand why so many families have trusted The Dancenter with their children's performing arts education. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Please feel free to download our Mobile App, it's free and super informative. Click the image for your phone or search the iPhone App Store or Google Play for The Dancenterfrom your phone.

 Click a button to Download our Mobile App

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Lori Treadway-Elder, Director




Friday, October 15 2010 00:11

Zumba® Fitness·Program

Join our Zumba® Fitness Program with Licensed ·Instructor·Anjie Foster.

Classes meet on Monday & Wednesday evenings. Please call 

us at 405-670-6725 for more information.



Friday, October 15 2010 00:07

About Us

The Dancenter was established in 1979 in a small 500 square foot one room studio in Del City, Oklahoma. Over the years we found the need to expand many times as our student base grew and distance traveled for the average student extended.

901 n moore front bannerWe are now located in a 12,000 square foot building on Interstate I-35 just south of 12th street as an Anchor Tenant in the New City Shopping Center in Moore, Oklahoma for easy access for students all over Oklahoma (students travel as far away as Enid, Stillwater, Shawnee, Noble and Chickasha OK.2 of our 6 studios are the size of an average US home at 2,000 square feet which is larger than a performing stage making rehearsal of large group numbers and annual recital practice easy.·Not to mention plenty of personal space for classes. All of our dance studios are equipped with professionally built raised "true-floating" floors for enhanced safety helping to reduce the possibility of injuries which are much more likely to happen at the average dance studio where students are dancing on hard floors.

Our Raised Floating Floors are designed after the floors in the 1825 built Bolshoi Theater Stage which is a historic Ballet and Opera Theater in Moscow, Russia. No edge of the floors touch the walls and no point on the floor has direct contact to the concrete sub floor below. You actually feel like you are walking on a 5 inch cushin of air which our dance athletes love. 

Our single studio in 1979 has turned into six (6) studios, a spacious lobby with seating for 60 adults·(and additional seating in the cafe for 25). We have a Video Wall in the lobby with   6 large flat-screen televisions allowing parents easy viewing of all·classes at all times. We also have the Broadway Cafe serving refreshments to students and family members. For the parents we also offer free wireless broadband Internet access.Studio 5 @ The Dancenter

We offer classes for students 18 months thru adult with instruction in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Liturgical, Lyrical, Pom Pon, Tumbling and private lessons in Guitar, Piano and Vocals. We also offer dance instruction and choreography for solo's, duets and trios and production numbers corprate and entertainment events.

We provide both Non-Competition and Competition dance classes. While we have the top performing competitive teams on the local, regional and national stage, we do not push or force competition on any student or family, in fact, most of our students participate in Non-Competition classes. However, if you are interested in competitive dance we have a process for placing students in the groups that fit them best and no-one is turned away.

Love Me Dead With Castle 2010 Competition NumberDue to the success of our competition students and our nationally recognized Director and Choreographer Lori Hays Elder we are often called on to perform at public and private events around town including OU sports events, NBA games, City and State events, Large Corporate events and Media sponsored events. This is great training for our student athletes that aspire to work in the field of professional dance or just enjoy performing for an audience.

The Dancenter School of Performing Arts, LLC is a professionally run corporation and also has a non-profit arm and a booster club for raising funds to help with traveling cost and funding scholarships.

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