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41st Year Serving the Community with Quality Dance Instruction. 

The Dancenter News

Phyllis Fowler

Phyllis Fowler

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Saturday, September 22 2012 11:07

Update on the new babies!!!!!

The new babies are doing great and our mommies will be back at work soon. We have one more to go which is Jackson and he will arrive about the middle of December. In the mean time Reid and 

Tuesday, September 11 2012 20:05

New Arrival at the Hughes Home



At 12:31pm today Jordan Reid Hughes weighed in at 5 lbs 11 oz and measured 19 inches. Proud parents Jordan and Stacy Hughes along with his grandparents welcomed him to the family. As Nana Sandy put it "as tragic as this day in history is, today it has a new meaning for me: the day my grandson was born". Thank you Jordan Reid for giving all of us something wonderful to celebrate on this day. Welcome young man.




Sunday, September 09 2012 16:53

Monster's on the Move Foundation



Ronnie Treadway last week received notification that he had been awarded with a scholarship from the Monster's on the Move Foundation. Ronnie's scholarship will take him to Hollywood California to study with Lisette Bustamante and Chonique. Thank you to Andy Funk and all his crew for all the wonderful things they do for dancers. 

Sunday, September 09 2012 16:09

Dancenter Parents are the Greatest Parents

A group of Dancenter parents declared Saturday, August 11th as the Annual clean-up day at the Dancenter. We met at 9am and worked until 2pm cleaning closets, trophy cases, windows, blinds, bars, floors, hanging lights, removing gravel & trash from the parking lot and even vacuming the roof on the playhouse. This group of parents did a wonderful job and have informed me they will be back in December to decorate for Christmas. Thank you guys for being here for the Dancenter and mostly for me because I am just getting too old to do it alone. Phyllis

































Dancenter Clean-Up Crew

Christy Carpenter mother of Masami Carpenter and our wonderful accountant

Steve Jackson father of Mia Jackson 

Chris Mullings father of Jordyn Mullings and husband to teacher Shelby Mullings




Heather Nelson mother of Madison Nelson

Ali Shive mother of Kylee Shive and Intermediate & Pre-pointe t teacher

Kevin & Leslee Smith father & mother to Mackynzie Smith. Kevin is the tumbling coach and Leslee subs.

Andrea & Brent  Williams mother & father of Camryn & Casey Williams

Brady Smith brother to Mackynzie Smith

Ethan Shive brother to Kylee Shive 

Kylee Shive senior student and the only one to show up. 

Thanks Crew you guys ROCK!!!!!!!


Sunday, September 09 2012 16:01

1st Runner-up Miss Black Teen of Oklahoma



Another Dancenter student graces us with honor. 1st runner-up for the Miss Black Teen of Oklahoma, Kelsey Simmons is a student at Moore High School and has studied with the Dancenter for 4 years. Congratulations Kelsey we are so very proud of you.

Sunday, September 09 2012 15:52

Dani Payne Crowned Miss Black Oklahoma

Dani Payne has gone and done it again. Representing the University of Oklahoma Dani was crowned MissBlack Oklahoma on September 11, 2012. Dani is a senior at the University of Oklahoma and is a member of Ka-pp-a P-s-i. Congratulations to Dani  and thank you to Rodney and Thelma Payne for allowing Dani to be apart of our Dancenter family.



Sunday, September 09 2012 15:09

Gymnastic Champion Zachary Treadway

The DancZachary_catching_himself_on_TV__2012enter's resident gymnast Zachary Treadway honored us this year as becoming the Level 10 14-1year old State All Around Champion. Zachary also qualified for the 2012 Junior Olympics that was held in Cincinnati, Ohio. Zachary's Team (Level 10 Bart Conner Gymnasts) also placed 1st in the State Team Division. We were also honored with Zachary's first gymnastics television interview. Congratulations Zachary to you and your team for having a wonderful season. The Dancenter wishes your Team a great new season this year. 


Sunday, September 09 2012 14:36

Kristen Privitte joins OU Pom Squad

Krissy_Privette_2012_OU_PomKristen Privette was born to be a Pom Girl and that is just what she has accomplished. 

Kristen aka Krissy was chosen to join the 2012-2013 OU Pom Squad.

Krsiten will begin her studies at the University of Oklahoma this fall and we can enjoy seeing her perform at the games. 

Good luck Kristen and remember The Dancenter will always be your dance home.



Sunday, September 09 2012 13:41

Hollywood Connection Nationals 2012

In February 2012 four of our students walked away with Awards from the Hollywood Connection Regional Convention. Keelie, Brooke and Austin all attended the National Convention. 

Keelie Romo     Hollywood Makeover Award

She received a makeover/photo session at the National Convention  in Hollywood.)

Kaelynn Gardner     Vip Award

She receives a free convention in Tulsa in January 2013.

Brooke Foster     Stardom Award

She is able to attend all conventions free for the 2012 Convention Year. 

Austin Nieves     HC Award

Austin will be assisting and working with the Hollywood Connection Staff at the Tulsa Convention Jan. 2013.

Austin Nieves     ICON Award

Allowed Austin to compete for the ICON Award at the Hollywood National Convention.

Austin Nieves    FAME Award

Austin Received this award at the National Convention in Hollywood this past July and with it came the Movement Talent Agency Award. Austin is now represented by the DDO Talent Agency in Hollywood, California.

Sunday, February 19 2012 16:09

Miss Black Oklahoma University


On February 11, 2012 Danielle Payne was crowned Miss Black Oklahoma University. Dani has been a student at Oklahoma University for 2 years and is a former student of The Dancenter. Among her many talents she studied dance and piano for over 10 years. She is the daughter of Thelma and Rodney Payne and sister to Devin Payne. Her Dancenter family is so very proud of her accomplishments in life. May God be with her through out her travels in life.

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